Day: June 4, 2019

All Time Popular PC Games to Have Ruled the Online World!

Games are full of thrill an entertainment!  When in the gaming world, a player can enjoy the whole experience of adventure as well as drama. The rush of adrenalin, the satisfaction of accomplishment, the thrill of the chase, all results to why gamers are so focused and driven.

Over the years many games were introduced, but few had graphics so impressive with real-life animation, players couldn’t get enough of it. So, here are the all-time favourite games picked by players themselves –

Deus Ex

Deus Ex is an interactive game. Every PC game has a storyline and the player of the game supposed to abide by that.  This game is truly interactive here the player can get the feeling to control the whole storyline. Player satisfaction is coming out of the practical involvement with the subject of the game. Deus Ex can satisfy the player in this way. Due to this reason this game can get consider as one of the most popular games of all time.


Portal is another all-time favourite game. This game is full of surprise. It is a puzzle game. It invites player’s full involvement. Excitement is the primary area of attraction for this game. The funny side of is it is snide. The popularity of the game has included it as the part of the popular culture.

Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is another winner when it comes to PC game. The presence of the Dungeons & Dragons in the game is one of the signs that can attract the gamer in this regard. There are two different version of the Baldur’s Gate. The first version received popularity among the player. High standard characterisation and excellent quality of writing were one of the significance of the first that was followed by the second.

Easy learning is one of the specialities of the game. The young gamer can learn the game promptly. The design of the game is significant. Attractive graphics and mind-blowing combat sequences are the primary motivators for the player in this regard.

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is of the attractive game of all time. The game has the power to make the gamer wholly involved with the subject of the story. The design is one of the critical factors in this regard. Another reason behind its attractiveness is the look. A smart, good-looking game can attract peoples mind promptly. Half-Life 2 belongs to that category.

The design is smart and attractive. The realistic side of the model is one of the signs in this regard. The game demands the organic involvement of the gamer. It can be possible two ways one is at the time of playing; when the player can get completely involved with the realistic graphic of the game.

Another is the experienced player can make another involved by sharing his personal experience with the other. This game can offer a unique feeling to the gamer and make them connected with the game.

Planescape: Torment

Planescape: Torment is the game that can offer the experience of a strange virtual world. The storyline of this game is robust. The major significance is it is based on some popular narratives. The game deals with a specific question the answer of those seems very difficult to find. The entertainment value is too high for the player who opted for this amazement.

Enter the Arena: Revealing the Top Gaming Competitions Across the Globe!

Ever gaped about the communities and the individuals that come together for the gaming competitions? This is not really a lonely business anymore. Heard about ‘e-Sports’? It’s currently a global sensation occupying millions of hearts generating quantum of excitement.

Escape the reality!

The way gaming has evolved in the past years is mind-boggling. All thanks to digital revolution and TECHNOLOGY, my friend! Escape into the virtual world of e-Sports and get lost amongst the beautifully aligned super-fun games. Well, e-Sports is a platform where it’s all about the visibility. Everybody plays gaming tournaments at their home or in cafes! But it is not always about getting high scores; the prodigy about this platform is that one can play their heart out but along with that can also enjoy the constant cheering from their audience. Yeah, that’s right.

Do it for entertainment

Someone might not be a gaming nerd but still might love watching the gaming tournaments. So, e-Sport is that particular place where one can walk in, get laid back, relax, and just enjoy the competition. Not only that, certain companies like Amazon have been producing channels to broadcast the gameplay of those online tournaments making a very high profit. They are trying to develop new strategies to enhance their TRP ratings.

Hold onto your seats and Vroom!

I guess you had enough of blabbering about some extra knowledge and stuff. Now, quickly let’s take a look at the top gaming competitions in the world:

  • PUBG: Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is an enticing hundred-individual battleground royale where the person who’s standing last is the winner! The twist being the map of the game keeps shrinking, leading to the area reducing continually. It is an online escapade where gamers show-off their talent from various corners of the world.

However, what makes it difficult for the organisers is to arrange a hundred operating systems for the players to initiate the tournament. Moreover, it’s tough to keep a track and maintain thee anti-cheat policy. The best part being the later stage of the game has a custom map where the top 15 players get to battle each other on an exclusive level.

  • SoulCalibur VI: Bandai Namco will release this special effect 3D war game where players get to use amazing weapons like swords to battle. Since punching games have become too mainstream, this new level of sword fighting is fascinating in the virtual world! Plus, it’s a heaven for old-school game fanatics.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ: This one is gaining immense popularity because of its characters like Goku and Cell. It is a three over three battle game where players require a lot of skill to execute their moves and stand out as a winner. The most fun part about this game is the inventors keep inputting new characters which increase the enticement at a booming rate!

There are numerous other games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Quake champions, Fifa 17, Halo 5 Guardians, and many many others! Basically, the list is never-ending.

You never entirely lose a game, maybe you just run out of time! Keep gaming!

A Glimpse of the Gaming Revolution over the Years!

50 years of gaming scenarios…

Well, that’s a lot to cover, right? Having second thoughts whether that’s true? Of course, it is! Gaming has been there for a very long time, but the revolutionary direction it has taken is mindboggling, my friends! It was around 35 to 40 years back when pong was released. Most of the current gaming nerds reading this weren’t even born back then. Ha-Ha!

Pac-man please!

 Initially in the later 1970s video games didn’t quite have a humongous mass appeal but later in 1980s, it caught a lot of gamer’s attention and boom! The GOLDEN ERA of arcade had started. Then came Pac-man and it immediately became the people’s favorite. New genres were being created: action, adventure, fighting, and many others!

The heroes emerged

The gaming stars were companies like Sony with their PlayStation series, Microsoft introducing X-box, and Nintendo with the brilliant Game Boy.

Some of the popular games instantly attaining fame were:

  • Super Mario
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Sonic The HedgeHog
  • Halo
  • Counter-Strike
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Battlezone 3D
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Pokemon Red and Blue
  • Tomb Raider

Well, that completely changed the meaning of gaming forever. It was no more targeting just children or teenagers. Now, the adults were spending a lot of their time living in the virtual world with 3D effects. Since then, there has been no looking back!

Change is inevitable!

Looking down the memory lane, probably, a lot has changed in today’s gaming world when compared to the ones developed ten to fifteen years back. Technology is the new superpower!

The key transformations:

  • Graphics: Oh! How brilliantly have the graphics evolved! Just can’t keep eyes off them. It doesn’t matter whether one is a gamer or just a kid, the advanced graphics technology is bound to attract everyone.
  • Gaming mechanics are now improvised to professional levels.
  • Immensely evolved gameplay.
  • New VFX effects make everything look real.

Portability attracts!

The techies have been so obsessed with making everything potable starting from music systems to operating systems. So, how could they leave gaming behind? The moment the gaming consoles like PlayStation was introduced, gaming reached to another level. Now, more and more gaming enthusiasts have started playing anytime and anywhere be it cafes, restaurants or maybe a little bit at the office!

The miniature gaming portable consoles are not only efficient, but they are spot on trendy. Who wouldn’t love them?

The icing on the cake

Online availability of old games like poker, conventional casino, and others have been attracting people from all age groups. Thereby, it is reaching much broader demographics.

Online games also offer a multiplayer option which gives a chance to play with casual gamers increasing the excitement. Not only that, one player can even team up with another person sitting in some far blind corner of the world. That brings a whole new level of experience.

What is more exciting? Say, games have revolutionised at an alarming rate in the past twenty-five years. What do you think is going to happen twenty years down the line from now?

Keep thinking and keep gaming!

Check Out Some of the Popular Online Games of 2018

Online games are always a craze for people. Each year people wait eagerly for more exciting, thrilling and advanced set up launching in the world of online games. Everyone is aware of the fact that people have different preferences in every aspect of online games.

Some people are fond of adventure games, and some people find battlefield games more exciting. This is the reason behind a large investment of money as well as time and effort for developing games that can grab people’s attention way before their launch.

The year 2017 was the best year for online games. People got to enjoy high resolution and advanced features along with best plots and action. Depending on last year, the gaming experience has made people more anxious as well as enthusiastic about the games they will be able to play in this year. On the same side, people are very cautious about their choices for games.

They don’t want to feel disappointed after spending their time playing games that look exciting but is not up to the mark in their features and technical aspect. People are cautiously going through the review and then make their choices.

So, if you are also wondering which game will fulfil your desire by bringing excitement and quality to you, then check these popular games of 2018 –


The list of popular online games of 2018 comprised of Anthem. After the disappointment players felt with Destiny 2, Bioware is here to reclaim their glory with Anthem.  This game is a science fiction battle featuring an alien planet. So far this game this game is considered to be a gorgeous one to start because of its beautiful surroundings. 

Players are finding this game pretty impressive as it was expected from a game developed by the Bioware. They have been one of the leaders in this field to have developed numerous mind-blowing games which have generated high user ratings. Which is why this game had issued high expectations, and is currently living up to them.

God of war

Another game that featured in this list is God of war. Every player’s favourite Spartan after successfully slaughtering the whole pantheon of Greek Gods; in order to start a new family has moved to the northern climes. This time he desired to get a little emotionally involved in his vicious adventures. Not just the setting but many things are different about the God of war game.

Sea of the thieves

If you are lover of pirates and adventures in the sea, then this year you have Sea of Thieves to experience the thrill. This was considered to be the most anticipated game of this year when it was announced in March. You won’t believe how eagerly people have waited for this game. In fact, Microsoft has put its utmost effort to develop this multi-platform game. This game is known to be a considerably exciting one amongst the games launched till now in 2018.

However, this is not the end of the list there are plenty of more games that have been launched and getting popular among the players. At the same time, many are set to be sprung in upcoming months. So, stay tuned to enjoy more exciting games this year.

The Quintessential Game Guide for Enemy Territory Game to Help You!

The game guides for enemy territory game are designed for helping players, especially beginners to find the accurate way of playing the game. It also helps the players in surviving these war based games by using simple tips and tricks.

Before you start playing any game, it is vital for you to know some necessary things about a war zone game to thoroughly enjoy it. Here are the insights of the game; you can see these points as your game guide for the enemy territory game.

Deploy new radar to highlight enemy on the minimap

Every time, when the frontline makes a move, one of the infiltrators or spies must set out new radar so that the team can see the enemy troops on the minimap. Analogically, Oppressor or field ops have to call for an anti-artillery system. 

How to distinguish between friend and enemy?

When you are playing the enemy territory game, there is a time when you have to differentiate between friend and enemy. Distinguishing your teammates from infiltrators or spies is like a form of art. You can verify whether the suspected player is friend or enemy by shooting at them. However, it may not be entirely feasible for some players; in that case, you can use observation method which is somewhat safer than shooting players.

In this method, you need to observe the behaviour of the suspecting player. See if the suspected player does not run towards the combat zone. If you see that the alleged player is carrying lacerator, assault rifle, and spikes or knife it means that you have found the enemy in front of you.

A regular rifle can destroy a vehicle

When you start playing a war based game at first, players don’t have the complete idea about their weapons and tools. They don’t know what they can do with them. In enemy territory game you can quickly destroy any vehicle using a regular rifle. If you are combating with your enemy and being attacked at the same time using any heavily damaged vehicle, you can directly get rid of it instead of using up grenades.

Besides, it is better to destroy your enemy with a gun; so just be smart, blow it up with your rifle and save your weapons and tools for further combats.

The vehicle has an additional boost

Another thing that player doesn’t have an idea about is while playing enemy territory game, where they can find boosters. Then you must know that a large number of vehicles comprise additional boosters. You can use them as much as you want. These boosters are especially useful when you want to –

  • Survive
  • Fall back
  • Reach a place quickly

These are few points that can help you in surviving in enemy territory game. These points may contain some basic information, but they are instrumental when you are a beginner in this game. Hence, follow this guide and be a winner in enemy territory games.