A Glimpse of the Gaming Revolution over the Years!

50 years of gaming scenarios…

Well, that’s a lot to cover, right? Having second thoughts whether that’s true? Of course, it is! Gaming has been there for a very long time, but the revolutionary direction it has taken is mindboggling, my friends! It was around 35 to 40 years back when pong was released. Most of the current gaming nerds reading this weren’t even born back then. Ha-Ha!

Pac-man please!

 Initially in the later 1970s video games didn’t quite have a humongous mass appeal but later in 1980s, it caught a lot of gamer’s attention and boom! The GOLDEN ERA of arcade had started. Then came Pac-man and it immediately became the people’s favorite. New genres were being created: action, adventure, fighting, and many others!

The heroes emerged

The gaming stars were companies like Sony with their PlayStation series, Microsoft introducing X-box, and Nintendo with the brilliant Game Boy.

Some of the popular games instantly attaining fame were:

  • Super Mario
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Sonic The HedgeHog
  • Halo
  • Counter-Strike
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Battlezone 3D
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Pokemon Red and Blue
  • Tomb Raider

Well, that completely changed the meaning of gaming forever. It was no more targeting just children or teenagers. Now, the adults were spending a lot of their time living in the virtual world with 3D effects. Since then, there has been no looking back!

Change is inevitable!

Looking down the memory lane, probably, a lot has changed in today’s gaming world when compared to the ones developed ten to fifteen years back. Technology is the new superpower!

The key transformations:

  • Graphics: Oh! How brilliantly have the graphics evolved! Just can’t keep eyes off them. It doesn’t matter whether one is a gamer or just a kid, the advanced graphics technology is bound to attract everyone.
  • Gaming mechanics are now improvised to professional levels.
  • Immensely evolved gameplay.
  • New VFX effects make everything look real.

Portability attracts!

The techies have been so obsessed with making everything potable starting from music systems to operating systems. So, how could they leave gaming behind? The moment the gaming consoles like PlayStation was introduced, gaming reached to another level. Now, more and more gaming enthusiasts have started playing anytime and anywhere be it cafes, restaurants or maybe a little bit at the office!

The miniature gaming portable consoles are not only efficient, but they are spot on trendy. Who wouldn’t love them?

The icing on the cake

Online availability of old games like poker, conventional casino, and others have been attracting people from all age groups. Thereby, it is reaching much broader demographics.

Online games also offer a multiplayer option which gives a chance to play with casual gamers increasing the excitement. Not only that, one player can even team up with another person sitting in some far blind corner of the world. That brings a whole new level of experience.

What is more exciting? Say, games have revolutionised at an alarming rate in the past twenty-five years. What do you think is going to happen twenty years down the line from now?

Keep thinking and keep gaming!

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