Check Out Some of the Popular Online Games of 2018

Online games are always a craze for people. Each year people wait eagerly for more exciting, thrilling and advanced set up launching in the world of online games. Everyone is aware of the fact that people have different preferences in every aspect of online games.

Some people are fond of adventure games, and some people find battlefield games more exciting. This is the reason behind a large investment of money as well as time and effort for developing games that can grab people’s attention way before their launch.

The year 2017 was the best year for online games. People got to enjoy high resolution and advanced features along with best plots and action. Depending on last year, the gaming experience has made people more anxious as well as enthusiastic about the games they will be able to play in this year. On the same side, people are very cautious about their choices for games.

They don’t want to feel disappointed after spending their time playing games that look exciting but is not up to the mark in their features and technical aspect. People are cautiously going through the review and then make their choices.

So, if you are also wondering which game will fulfil your desire by bringing excitement and quality to you, then check these popular games of 2018 –


The list of popular online games of 2018 comprised of Anthem. After the disappointment players felt with Destiny 2, Bioware is here to reclaim their glory with Anthem.  This game is a science fiction battle featuring an alien planet. So far this game this game is considered to be a gorgeous one to start because of its beautiful surroundings. 

Players are finding this game pretty impressive as it was expected from a game developed by the Bioware. They have been one of the leaders in this field to have developed numerous mind-blowing games which have generated high user ratings. Which is why this game had issued high expectations, and is currently living up to them.

God of war

Another game that featured in this list is God of war. Every player’s favourite Spartan after successfully slaughtering the whole pantheon of Greek Gods; in order to start a new family has moved to the northern climes. This time he desired to get a little emotionally involved in his vicious adventures. Not just the setting but many things are different about the God of war game.

Sea of the thieves

If you are lover of pirates and adventures in the sea, then this year you have Sea of Thieves to experience the thrill. This was considered to be the most anticipated game of this year when it was announced in March. You won’t believe how eagerly people have waited for this game. In fact, Microsoft has put its utmost effort to develop this multi-platform game. This game is known to be a considerably exciting one amongst the games launched till now in 2018.

However, this is not the end of the list there are plenty of more games that have been launched and getting popular among the players. At the same time, many are set to be sprung in upcoming months. So, stay tuned to enjoy more exciting games this year.

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