Enter the Arena: Revealing the Top Gaming Competitions Across the Globe!

Ever gaped about the communities and the individuals that come together for the gaming competitions? This is not really a lonely business anymore. Heard about ‘e-Sports’? It’s currently a global sensation occupying millions of hearts generating quantum of excitement.

Escape the reality!

The way gaming has evolved in the past years is mind-boggling. All thanks to digital revolution and TECHNOLOGY, my friend! Escape into the virtual world of e-Sports and get lost amongst the beautifully aligned super-fun games. Well, e-Sports is a platform where it’s all about the visibility. Everybody plays gaming tournaments at their home or in cafes! But it is not always about getting high scores; the prodigy about this platform is that one can play their heart out but along with that can also enjoy the constant cheering from their audience. Yeah, that’s right.

Do it for entertainment

Someone might not be a gaming nerd but still might love watching the gaming tournaments. So, e-Sport is that particular place where one can walk in, get laid back, relax, and just enjoy the competition. Not only that, certain companies like Amazon have been producing channels to broadcast the gameplay of those online tournaments making a very high profit. They are trying to develop new strategies to enhance their TRP ratings.

Hold onto your seats and Vroom!

I guess you had enough of blabbering about some extra knowledge and stuff. Now, quickly let’s take a look at the top gaming competitions in the world:

  • PUBG: Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is an enticing hundred-individual battleground royale where the person who’s standing last is the winner! The twist being the map of the game keeps shrinking, leading to the area reducing continually. It is an online escapade where gamers show-off their talent from various corners of the world.

However, what makes it difficult for the organisers is to arrange a hundred operating systems for the players to initiate the tournament. Moreover, it’s tough to keep a track and maintain thee anti-cheat policy. The best part being the later stage of the game has a custom map where the top 15 players get to battle each other on an exclusive level.

  • SoulCalibur VI: Bandai Namco will release this special effect 3D war game where players get to use amazing weapons like swords to battle. Since punching games have become too mainstream, this new level of sword fighting is fascinating in the virtual world! Plus, it’s a heaven for old-school game fanatics.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ: This one is gaining immense popularity because of its characters like Goku and Cell. It is a three over three battle game where players require a lot of skill to execute their moves and stand out as a winner. The most fun part about this game is the inventors keep inputting new characters which increase the enticement at a booming rate!

There are numerous other games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Quake champions, Fifa 17, Halo 5 Guardians, and many many others! Basically, the list is never-ending.

You never entirely lose a game, maybe you just run out of time! Keep gaming!

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