The Quintessential Game Guide for Enemy Territory Game to Help You!

The game guides for enemy territory game are designed for helping players, especially beginners to find the accurate way of playing the game. It also helps the players in surviving these war based games by using simple tips and tricks.

Before you start playing any game, it is vital for you to know some necessary things about a war zone game to thoroughly enjoy it. Here are the insights of the game; you can see these points as your game guide for the enemy territory game.

Deploy new radar to highlight enemy on the minimap

Every time, when the frontline makes a move, one of the infiltrators or spies must set out new radar so that the team can see the enemy troops on the minimap. Analogically, Oppressor or field ops have to call for an anti-artillery system. 

How to distinguish between friend and enemy?

When you are playing the enemy territory game, there is a time when you have to differentiate between friend and enemy. Distinguishing your teammates from infiltrators or spies is like a form of art. You can verify whether the suspected player is friend or enemy by shooting at them. However, it may not be entirely feasible for some players; in that case, you can use observation method which is somewhat safer than shooting players.

In this method, you need to observe the behaviour of the suspecting player. See if the suspected player does not run towards the combat zone. If you see that the alleged player is carrying lacerator, assault rifle, and spikes or knife it means that you have found the enemy in front of you.

A regular rifle can destroy a vehicle

When you start playing a war based game at first, players don’t have the complete idea about their weapons and tools. They don’t know what they can do with them. In enemy territory game you can quickly destroy any vehicle using a regular rifle. If you are combating with your enemy and being attacked at the same time using any heavily damaged vehicle, you can directly get rid of it instead of using up grenades.

Besides, it is better to destroy your enemy with a gun; so just be smart, blow it up with your rifle and save your weapons and tools for further combats.

The vehicle has an additional boost

Another thing that player doesn’t have an idea about is while playing enemy territory game, where they can find boosters. Then you must know that a large number of vehicles comprise additional boosters. You can use them as much as you want. These boosters are especially useful when you want to –

  • Survive
  • Fall back
  • Reach a place quickly

These are few points that can help you in surviving in enemy territory game. These points may contain some basic information, but they are instrumental when you are a beginner in this game. Hence, follow this guide and be a winner in enemy territory games. 

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